Swedish Massage

30/min  $45.00

60/min  $75.00

90/min  $110.00

120/min  $150.00

This popular relaxation style massage uses smooth gliding strokes, combined with gentle kneading and friction to relieve muscle tension and promote a better overall sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

30/min  $50.00
60/min  $90.00
90/min  $135.00

This method concentrates on the deep layers of muscle, tendons, and tissues.  Trigger point therapy and myofascial release are sometimes used to relieve chronic pain, loosen tight tissue clusters, and break down painful adhesion's.

Sole to Soul Foot Treatment

45/min  $55.00  (includes hands)
30/min  $45.00  (feet only)

The ultimate service to pamper your feet!  This service consists of reflexology, sugar scrub, foot masque, hot towels, and a moisturizing foot massage.  The 45 minute service includes a hand treatment.

Herbal Thai Poultice Massage

75/min  $105.00

The steamed herbal poultice balls are rhythmically stamped, kneaded, and rocked over the body and used in combination with traditional massage strokes to enhance relaxation with the combination of heat, herbs, and aromatherapy.
The herbal poultice promotes circulation, relieves joint pain and stiffness, and helps calm muscle spasms.

Prenatal Massage

60/min  $80.00

Massage in the second and third trimesters, can help lower stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and relieve muscle aches and joint pains.  Massage during pregnancy can decrease symptoms of depression, reduce sciatic nerve pain, and help reduce swelling by improving circulation and stimulating the lymph system to remove waste from the body.

Sinus Massage with Aromatherapy

30/min $45.00

Steam, eucalyptus, cold packs, and hot towels work together, along with sinus massage to promote sinus drainage - relieving sinus pressure and headaches.

Hot Stone Massage

75/min  $105.00

Hot Stone massage utilizes the direct heat of the stones to relax the muscle, allowing access to deeper muscle layers.

Synergy Stone Massage

75/min   $105.00

Three different contoured hot stone massage tools, synergize radiant heat with Swedish and therapeutic bodywork.

Sports Massage

60/min   $90.00

Used not only in athletes, this type of therapeutic massage can benefit people with injuries, chronic pain, or restricted range of motion.

Bamboo Fusion Massage

75/min   $105.00

Heated stalks of bamboo are incorporated into this type of massage to create a unique spa experience.  The warmed bamboo is an extension of the therapists’ hands and is rolled over the body to compress and stretch the muscle with varying degrees of pressure in long gliding strokes.  The heat penetrates the muscle to release tension, relax the body, and decrease muscle spasms.

Enhance your massage with clinical strength 

CBD pain relief oil

CBD Level 1         $15.00

CBD Level 3         $20.00

CBD Level 5         $25.00