Massage Services

Add Clinical Strength CBD oil to your massage!

Swedish Massage

30/min  $45.00

60/min  $75.00

90/min  $110.00

120/min  $150.00


This popular relaxation style uses smooth gliding strokes, combined with gentle kneading and friction.

Herbal Thai Poultice

75/min $105.00


The steamed herbal poultice balls are stamped, kneaded, and rocked over the body.  Combining traditional massage with heat, herbs, and aromatherapy.

Scalp Massage

15/min $20.00

Tension melts away with a relaxing scalp massage while increasing circulation and easing pain from headaches.

Deep Tissue Massage

30/min  $50.00
60/min  $90.00
90/min  $135.00

Trigger point therapy and myofascial release are sometimes used in this therapeutic massage.

Prenatal Massage

60/min $80.00

Massage in the second and third trimesters can help lower stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and relieve muscle aches and joint pains.

Hot Stone Massage

75/min $105.00

We offer two types of hot stone massage:

Traditional stones -or-

Contoured Synergy Stones 

Soul to Sole Foot Treatment

30/min $45.00 Feet only

45/min $55.00 Hands & feet

The ultimate service to pamper your feet consisting of reflexology, sugar scrub, foot masque, hot towels, and a moisturizing foot massage. 

Sinus Massage

30/min $45.00

Steam, eucalyptus, cold packs, hot towels and pressure point massage work together to relieve pressure and promote drainage.

Bamboo Fusion Massage

75/min $105.00

Heated bamboo stalks are incorporated into this massage compressing and rolling over the muscles, allowing for a deeper massage.